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Written by: Dr. Ernie Moore
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Excuse me? A group that worked tirelessly for the destruction of Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Christians of all stripes and others can lobby the US government?

You may be shocked, but wait a moment. The Muslim Brotherhood is welcomed to the current White House. The Palestinian Authority has its own consulate in DC. Arafat slept in the White House.

The lunacy just gets worse! Read on:

US Nazi party registers first lobbyist in Washington

American Nazi Party's newly registered John Bowles says he hopes to speak with lawmakers on such issues as ballot access, unemployment and immigration • “I’m not going to go in and shove a swastika in their face,” Bowles says. “I use a very careful and objective approach."

Israel Hayom Staff

The American Nazi Party registered its first lobbyist in Washington last week, ABC News reported on Friday.

The ANP's John Bowles, 55, said registering a lobbyist was something the 53-year-old party wanted to "try out for the first time and see if it flies."

“I always tell my fellow Americans that they need to practice their constitutional rights or their rights will one day be eroded,” Bowles was quoted as saying by ABC News. “Lobbying is one way to do that, to try to get your point across to the elected officials in Congress.”

Bowles said he hoped to speak with lawmakers about ballot access, unemployment, immigration and budgets, according to the report.

“I’m not going to go in and shove a swastika in their face,” ABC News quoted him as saying. “I use a very careful and objective approach. There might be some congressmen who crumple up the paper and some who say, ‘This is interesting.’”

The newly registered lobbyist promised he would not use offensive language and was open to working with all Congress members.

“If they don’t hold my politics against me,” he was quoted as saying, “I won’t hold anything against them.”

The ANP was established in 1959 by veteran U.S. Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. Its headquarters is located in Arlington, Va.

On its website, the ANP says that it is involved in “a very serious struggle ... for the very existence of our White Nation of people.”

Bowles was previously involved in politics when he ran for president in 2008 as the National Socialist Movement's nominee. He said he decided to change parties because Americans understand Nazism better than socialism.

“So [we] decided: Why don’t we just say what we are?” Bowles was quoted as saying by The Hill.

“In the future, when we get people on the ballot, when people see the swastika on the ballot, they’ll know what they’re getting."

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