About the Author
Dr. Ernie Moore

Jerusalem Bureau Chief for two US radio networks, novelist and lecturer, Dr. Ernie Moore knows the Middle East's intrigues, personalities and passions.  With a resume that includes Outdoor Life Magazine, Yedioth Ahronoth's Ynetnews.com, Jerusalem Post and numerous US newspapers. His lively column, "This Week In Israel" draws weekly readers from some unlikely spots including Iran and 47 other nations. His weekly radio broadcasts are heard across America and around the world. With a U.S. listener pool upwards of 50 million people. His off-beat sense of humor and rich expertise entertains, informs and packs a punch.

Ernie also hosts travelers in Israel. If you would like to work with him arranging your trip to Israel you can contact him at ernmoore@barnabuspress.com. Over twenty years of arranging, co-hosting and leading tours gives him a unique perspective of all that goes into a successful tour. His book Traveling Israel with Your Bible is a best seller, even among professional guides. Order it now from the link on our home page.

A prolific writer, Ernie's latest novel is a complete re-write of One Time Messengers. Now two complete novels: The Prequel and Book One, the series has four novels. Third is Terrorist Babe, followed by The El Agha Conspiracy. The adventure series starring Jake Crabtree, set in Israel and featuring Larry Fielding, his old DIA partner, Jake's father Harold, Mossad Chief Yossi Cumi, a Messianic Rebbe and a field of villians that will have you gritting your teeth! It's a blend of action, humor and reality that strikes almost too close for comfort. 

Heroes as modern as today with those "John Wayne" virtues, plus a heart for defeating terrorism in any form make for a great read. These books will keep you up way past your bedtime! Order them now right here at Barnabus Press by clicking on the cover photos on our home page! Ernie knows the intelligence community, military thinking and politics so the stories are as real as today.

A former member of the Congressional Advisory Board, Ernie holds two earned Doctor's Degrees and recognition in numerous "Who's Who" publications, including Who's Who in America. He is a professional photographer with credits including the Jerusalem Post. He's produced a book and films about traveling Israel as well as CDs loaded with his rich and evocative photos of Israel.

Ernie served in South Viet Nam from 1965-1967. A life member of the National Rifle Association, he's listed on that organization's "American Hero Honor Roll" at the National Firearm's Museum in Washington, DC.

Ernie divides his time between Israel and America where he speaks before groups in both nations on politics, war, tourism and the Bible, including prophecy.

"I love writing, learning and teaching. My life is full and fulfilling," Ernie says when asked why he keeps so busy.