Terrorist Babe!
by Ernie & Wanda Moore


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Terrorist Babe is the second in the exciting Jake Crabtree Series. If you have already read One Time Messengers then you are familiar with the Solutions-dot-Com team of terrorist hunters.

If not, then you are in for a great thrill as you meet Jake, Larry, Harold, Tex, Elvis and Sarah. New faces join in on both sides -- the heroes and villains -- as well as some old nemeses who hate America, love blood and want to see Israel and the US take a beating.

Terrorist Babe follows the Solutions.com team as they establish their homes and headquarters in central Pennsylvania. What was a normal, easy-going part of the US becomes anything but as Al Qaeda moves in. 

SNIPERS, one from Jordan, and three teams from other spots begin to take out famous people. Then the Terrorist Babe learns that Jake and his people are in the very area her people have located a terrorist training camp. Let the action begin!

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