The El Agha Conspiracy
by Ernie & Wanda Moore



The location is Israel with all its intrigue, conflicts, and cultural challenges. The Mossad Director, Yossi Cumi is in the crosshairs. It wasn't his fault. He knew nothing about it, but when a young Palestinian boy is killed during a raid in the West Bank, his father targets Yossi. Blood feuds are a way of life here. A Hezbollah hit team is imported from Lebanon and the game is on!

You will learn more about Israel, more about the religious values and more about what happens as this exciting novel takes you into Jenin, a hotbed of terrorist activity; into the Galilee where Yossi Cumi has built a remarkable home away from the fast-paced, sophisticated world of spies and politics; into the backyard of a Rabbi who believes that Jesus is indeed the Messiah of his people; into the Garden Tomb on Easter Sunday Morning.

Terrorist Babe!
by Ernie & Wanda Moore


Terrorist Babe is the second in the exciting Jake Crabtree Series. If you have already read One Time Messengers then you are familiar with the Solutions-dot-Com team of terrorist hunters.

If not, then you are in for a great thrill as you meet Jake, Larry, Harold, Tex, Elvis and Sarah. New faces join in on both sides -- the heroes and villains -- as well as some old nemeses who hate America, love blood and want to see Israel and the US take a beating.

Terrorist Babe follows the team as they establish their homes and headquarters in central Pennsylvania. What was a normal, easy-going part of the US becomes anything but as Al Qaeda moves in. 

SNIPERS, one from Jordan, and three teams from other spots begin to take out famous people. Then the Terrorist Babe learns that Jake and his people are in the very area her people have located a terrorist training camp. Let the action begin!

WARNING: One Time Messenger and Terrorist Babe contain no gr...Read More

One Time Messengers
by Ernie Moore




Laugh lines. She noticed when he smiled that it spread from his mouth, up his cheeks, around and out his deep mahogany eyes. His smile was genuine. Lots of teeth, a full, warm open face. One that encouraged friendship and confidence. It is the eyes, she thought. Dark brown with those deep crinkles at the outside corners. Handsome. She relaxed the hard lines of her own face, started to return the grin, then – for the tiniest of moments – the billionth-of-a-volt in her brain sparked a question, What did he have to smile about? They were in the middle of nowhere, just south of the border between Lebanon and Israel. He was where he should not have been, as was she. She had the drop on him. And he was unarmed.

Suddenly she was furious with herself. Almost letting down her guard like that. He should not be here! “You DIE!” she cried.

It was then that Jake Crabtree whipped his hand up in an un...Read More

Traveling Israel With Your Bible
by Ernie Moore



The most difficult objectives to overcome when we ask clergy to lead their congregation to the Holy Land are the fear of failure, and the fear of seeming inexperienced and untaught to their family, friends and congregation, while in the Holy Land. Dr. Ernie Moore’s book, Traveling Israel With Your Bible, is the perfect solution to these fears. Dr. Moore has written this book with a keen sense of understanding the needs of both the Christian traveler, and the Tour Host; while they prepare to go – and while they are in – the Promised Land. He answers the basic practical questions of what to expect at the airports, the hotels, and the sights. Traveling Israel With Your Bible has depth of knowledge about the geography and the people, their history, and their current state of affairs regarding touring. Perhaps more importantly for the Christian pilgrim, the book weaves in the Scriptural events for virtually every sight the traveler will visit, as well as...Read More