"This Week In Israel" On the Air

What's Really Happening?! What's likely to happen next?!

With a barrel of knowledgeable contacts inside Israel, Ernie Moore is your eyes and ears on what's really going on in Israel. With insightful commentary on the news of the day, what's behind the story, and a view on the news from an "old Israel hand," you will get a first hand idea of the land that is the focus of the world.

  • 2005: In Virginia, Perception Media began carrying "This Week in Israel" when Ben Peyton had faith in a new voice offering a view rarely found today. Now Ernie is their Israel Bureau Chief.
  • You can hear Ernie on www.3wradio.com and all their associated other AM and FM stations in Virginia.
  • Ernie's also the Israel Bureau Chief for Truth Broadcasting, headquartered at WTRU 830 AM in Winston-Salem, NC. Truth Broadcasting's flagship talk show host Stu Epperson enjoys Ernie's views. Based in Winston-Salem, the show is simulcast on 45 stations around the nation so look for it in your local listings or to the web at 830wtru.com !
  • Beaver Springs, PA carries "This Week in Israel" with Ernie Moore on WFBM 100 FM.
  • WPIP at 880 AM on your dial. Jeff Baity carries "This Week in Israel" with Ernie Moore on Saturdays.
  • WCLW AM 1130 radio in Reidsville, NC is another vital part of the Ernie Moore broadcast family.
  • 48 Nations tune in to www.BarnabusPress.com. From Iran, China, most Middle East Nations, Australia and many, many more visit our webcasts each week. As might be expected, one of Ernie's greatest fan pools resides in Israel.

For a rollicking good time with some biting humor, a look at politics and politicians, or just a visit to Israel's tourist sites, you will get Israel with the heat on your back and the sun in your eyes by listening to Ernie Moore share what's happening and what's likely to happen on "This Week in Israel."

He's definitely worth a listen!

If you would like "This Week in Israel" on your local radio station, contact Ernie through email and make arrangements now.

Also, if you have an English speaking grounp in Israel or the US that would like to have Ernie address them on current events, the American-Israel connections or even how to come visit Israel as a group tour, get in touch with him.

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