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A Bit About Us

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to This Week in Israel. Occasionally we like to provide our new readers with some basics for this column, as well as some background on ourselves and our perspectives.

First of all, we write from a conservative, Christian worldview. I am a Christian Zionist. In other words, I believe that Israel has a right to its land. All of it as given to Abraham.

Having said that, I hastily add that I am a realist. I know it isn’t going to happen politically. In fact, if one looks at Israel’s boundaries, they have changed every since Joshua crossed the Jordan River. That is just the way things work in a world that had dynamic political, military and social governments, be they kings or Presidents.

I am also Jewish on my mother’s side of the family, as was her mother before her. That gives me some sway inside Israel, where we live when we are not in America for visits, to work on publishing novels or other works.

We spread ourselves pretty thin, doing the work the Lord has directed us to fulfill, but it is a joyful task, entailing lots of activities, for which we have been prepared. We believe that thinking outside the box of “that’s the way it’s always been done before” is not only wise, but allows God to get into our dreams and goals and activities.