This Week In Israel - Nov 18, 2009
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Hello Everybody,

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Israel is enjoying cooler temperatures and dashes of rain that has my wife carrying her umbrella. So far here in Jerusalem it is only passing showers, but it is welcome. Promises of things to come.

As we watch Fox News we are learning that someone in the White House has raised the white flag – not just to radical Islamists but to Fox. They finally got face time with the Prez. Doesn’t mean they are pals, but at least they realized that like Nixon, it doesn’t pay to go to war with the media. And Fox is not just a news organization, regardless of WH proclamations, but the top of the pile with ratings.


11/18/2009 - Palin is Popular; Reid is sneaky; and Obama is Bowing - AGAIN!

Another name in the news is obviously Sarah Palin. The beauty the uglies on the left love to hate. BTW, that is not a put down. I been admiring beautiful ladies every since I was old enough to realize I wasn’t one.

She’s got her book at the top of the best seller list, a bus for her book tour and more interviews than Cattie Couric could ever handle.

We wish her well. Her kind of candor is refreshing for a member of either party.


The question is a fair one. The Senate version of the bill is bigger than the House version and the scrawny Harry wants it voted on Friday. What is interesting is that he has kept the Congressional Budget Office from releasing any costing figures AND the text was just released on Wednesday.


It isn’t really the bill. It is a “prototype.” The real bill will be crafted after it is voted on. The vote is to send it on to committee. This vote takes 60 votes. After that it takes only a simple majority of 51 to pass it.


My guess is that it doesn’t really matter. The Dems have heard all the conservative Republicans, the Independents, the Blue-Dog Dems, and still haven’t slowed their race to socialism so far. With an approval rating of just 14% what do they have to lose by doing what they want?



That big-eared, skinny kid still gets intimidated by the “big-guys” he meets when he goes on his international road trips. Read Wesley Pruden:


WORLD NET DAILY ran a great article by Pat Buchannan this week. Here is some of it:


Is America at war, or not?
November 16, 2009
Are we at war – or not?

For if we are at war, why is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed headed for trial in federal court in the Southern District of New York? Why is he entitled to a presumption of innocence and all of the constitutional protections of a U.S. citizen?

Is it possible we have done an injustice to this man by keeping him locked up all these years without trial? For that is what this trial implies – that he may not be guilty.

And if we must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that KSM was complicit in mass murder, by what right do we send Predators and Special Forces to kill his al-Qaida comrades wherever we find them? For none of them has been granted a fair trial.

When the Justice Department sets up a task force to wage war on a crime organization like the Mafia or MS-13, no U.S. official has a right to shoot Mafia or gang members on sight. No one has a right to bomb their homes. No one has a right to regard the possible death of their wives and children in an attack as acceptable collateral damage.

Yet that is what we do to al-Qaida, to which KSM belongs.

We conduct those strikes in good conscience because we believe we are at war. But if we are at war, what is KSM doing in a U.S. court?

Minoru Genda, who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor, a naval base on U.S. soil, when America was at peace, and killed nearly as many Americans as the Sept. 11 hijackers, was not brought here for trial. He was an enemy combatant under the Geneva Conventions and treated as such.

When Maj. Andre, the British spy and collaborator of Benedict Arnold, was captured, he got a military tribunal, after which he was hanged. When Gen. Andrew Jackson captured two British subjects in Spanish Florida aiding renegade Indians, Jackson had both tried and hanged on the spot.

Enemy soldiers who commit atrocities are not sent to the United States for trial. Under the Geneva Conventions, soldiers who commit atrocities are shot when caught.

When and where did Khalid Sheikh Mohammed acquire his right to a trial by a jury of his peers in a U.S. court?

When John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln, alleged collaborators like Mary Surratt were tried before a military tribunal and hanged at Fort McNair. When eight German saboteurs were caught in 1942 after being put ashore by U-boat, they were tried in secret before a military commission and executed, with the approval of the Supreme Court. What makes KSM special?

Is the Obama administration aware of what it is risking by not turning KSM over to a military tribunal in Guantanamo?

How does Justice handle a defense demand for a change of venue, far from lower Manhattan, where the jury pool was most deeply traumatized by Sept. 11? Would not KSM and his co-defendants, if a change of venue is denied, have a powerful argument for overturning any conviction on appeal?

Were not KSM's Miranda rights impinged when he was not only not told he could have a lawyer on capture, but that his family would be killed and he would be waterboarded if he refused to talk?

And if all the evidence against the five defendants comes from other than their own testimony under duress, do not their lawyers have a right to know when, where, how and from whom Justice got the evidence to prosecute them? Does KSM have the right to confront all witnesses against him, even if they are al-Qaida turncoats or U.S. spies still transmitting information to U.S. intelligence? …

The Obamaites had best pray that does not happen, for they may be betting his presidency on the outcome of the game about to begin.



Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist chief Sheik Hassan Nasrallah took to the airwaves this week to tell his followers that President Obama is more of a friend to Israel than was George W. Bush. He based this ridiculous statement on the fact that Obama first called for a building freeze in the West Bank then reversed himself. Which Obama did. But there is lots of evidence that the President has a long way to go before Israelis consider him a pal.

Nasrallah didn't address comments by IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, who said Tuesday that Hizbullah had significantly expanded its ability to strike deep into Israel, with tens of thousands of rockets that can now reach the Israel's largest cities.

He also did not comment on the Israel Navy's seizure of a ship last week carrying weapons that apparently originated in Iran and were destined for Hizbullah - a claim Hizbullah has already denied.” (J-Post)

The reason Nasrallah is pumping up the troops in Lebanon is because the new President Hariri is tamping him down in the government and also the afore mentioned report has made the boys standing around the rocket firing racks think about the jets crisping them up when they fire on Israel next time.



Can you remember far enough back to recall the name Tzipi Livni? She was the Foreign Minister under Ehud Olmert’s coalition government. Her many kissy faces with Condi Rice kept her in the media worldwide for years.

When she virtually tied the popular vote with Prime Minister Netanyahu the Knesset settled it by giving the nod to Bibi.

He then offered her the olive branch if she would put her vitriol aside and bring Kadima into his coalition government. Had she agreed it would have rendered Shas and Beitenu both far less powerful and she would have had a hand in national decisions.

She refused preferring instead to place her party as the “opposition” so she could snipe at every call Netanyahu made. Insiders said that she believed he would self-destruct in quick order.

Well, that has certainly not happened. As we said on the radio, Bibi is a far more mature and sensible PM this time around. Not only has he not collapsed, but has made some great choices, even in the minds of many Israelis who originally did not support him.

Shaul Mofaz, the number two in Kadima, has come out with a hair-brained (pardon the local pun – he’s bald) scheme to negotiate a peace with the Islamist terrorists in Gaza, Hamas. First of all, Hamas isn’t anyone to negotiate with. As Sharon proved, the only way to deal with them is to kill them like rabid dogs. When he took out their top man and a month later the replacement for the job, Hamas stopped their terrorism and chilled out.

Since then they have tried to don respectability of a political sort, and Israel – aside from Operation Cast Lead last year – has not troubled the leadership. Not a bad call for now.

What many think is that now Livni should bury the hatchet – handle and all – and offer to join Netanyahu’s government, stand tall and work for serious peace, improving the life of all Israeli’s and keep Bibi from being so dependent on the radical – and racists – in Shas.

Will it come to pass? It admittedly isn’t likely, but should she do it, she would be considered a stateswoman far more than she is now. Presently she’s just another small politician who rants bitterly and is part of the problem, not the solution.



Hardly, but he did make some interesting comments recently. It was reported at: servlet/Satellite?cid=1257770042895&pagename=JPArticle%2FShowFull


In spite of the fact that a number of Palestinians are presenting themselves in a variety of American Christian venues as “Israelis,” the truth is that they are Palestinians. This particular Khoury was a member of the Palestinian Authority until he resigned this month because Mahmoud Abbas infuriated him by not demanding the Israel-bashing Goldstone Report be forwarded to the United Nations by his boss.

In a Jerusalem meeting on the 11th he ranted about the fact that – guess what – all of the Palestinians’ problems are Israel’s fault.

Rather than recount the article, we will leave it to you to cut and paste the web address in your browser and read it for yourself. It will make interesting reading. BTW, the J-Street meeting he references is a far left “peace now” group.



Our friend Haviv Rettig Gur reported this week, “Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat's statements on Saturday that Israelis were stalling on implementing a two-state solution and the Palestinians would soon ask the UN to recognize a Palestinian state in the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip may have been meant as a grave threat, or perhaps they were intended as bluster for internal consumption.

“But for most Israeli analysts and observers, his threat appears more like a self-made trap for Palestinian leaders.” (J-Post)

There seems no limit to the ways that PLO Chairman and PA President Mahmoud Abbas can ram his foot into his mouth lately. He is keeping ole Saeb Erekat busy just straightening things out. But look at it this way, if Joe Biden’s aides ever quit Erekat can apply for the job. He has the same kind of experience.

You will likely recall that Abbas said at the beginning of the month that he was going to resign as the President of the PA and not run for office again.

Then he said that he was considering shutting down the entire Palestinian Authority (which is a sham organization anyway, and just a cover for a dictatorship run by first Arafat and now Abbas).

Then the indescribable Abbas continued his march to join Jimmy Carter as the most foolish public speaker in this age by saying that he was considering shutting down all two-party talks with the Israelis (should any ever be opened again) and just asking the United Nations to grant him his wish to recognize the PA as a Palestinian State (or nation) with its borders the pre-Six Day War boundaries that Jordan once held.


Since the UN is an undercover Arab nation operation, Abbas was sure he could get somewhere in that organization. Oops.

The United States said that when such an idea got to the Security Council they would no doubt vote no-deal. Russia and China hinted they too would veto the deal.

Then Abbas talked to the Europeans, who are viscerally pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. Imagine his shock when one after another those nations told him to go home and behave.

As Khoury noted in his remarks in the article we mentioned above, European money in the form of PA foreign aid has dwindled since 2008. We wonder why?

For the most part it has disappeared into black holes, otherwise known as the pockets of Abbas’ cronies, not to mention his own. Even the former Secretary of State Condi Rice confronted Arafat about the missing $4 billion dollars in foreign aid that was missing on his watch.

We are certain that Abbas and Qurei got the account numbers as they stood beside his death bed in Paris. How else would they have gotten the keys to the PA kingdom when he assumed room temperature?


Here’s one thing. PM Netanyahu immediately announced that the unilateral move was going to immediately cancel ALL PRIOR AGREEMENTS with Israel. Consider:

Oslo Accords: This, dating back to 1993 was the foundation that established the PLO’s entrance onto the land. It brought Arafat and his thugs from Tunis to Ramallah. It brought the billions of Western dollars into their pockets. Gave them an initial 30,000 “troops” otherwise called policemen and armed them! That number has by some estimations tripled.

Road Map: Can you remember the flags fluttering with King Hussein, President Bush and others all standing proudly with the Israelis and Palestinians as they promised to work out a peace? Stop terrorism? Build working infrastructure and sensible democratic government in the West Bank. Established areas which were under ONLY Palestinian control – including security. Israelis would vacate. Places like Hebron (most of it), Nablus, Jenin and Bethlehem.

Well, the idea of increasing the ability of Palestinian training and professionalism was tasked to Gen. Keith Dayton. He used Jordan as the training locations, and has succeeded to the extent that the mayhem on Palestinian streets is tamped down, and, personal prejudices against the general aside, I have to eat a bit of crow on that. That most of them would turn their rifles on Israelis at a moment’s notice is still a fact of life over here, but for now things are better.


If Israel cancelled all their agreements when the unilateral move occurred, then some of what would occur is that the Water Authority run by the Palestinians would collapse like a house of cards. The Israeli people who keep it functioning released that sour fact this week. I remind you that water is more important in this part of the world than bullets.

Sewage in the streets is already a fact in some Palestinian towns. Multiply it a thousand fold, and disease and death would rage rampant throughout the area.

The roads, businesses, etc. would deteriorate worse than Bethlehem before Pope John Paul came to town. I well remember those days when the sidewalks were gravel and choppy concrete. There were pot holes in the streets you could hide a Fiat in (no loss there).

Millions of dollars went into sprucing up Nazareth and Bethlehem for el Papa’s tour. And we applauded it at the time. But Bethlehem hasn’t seen much in the way of improvement since those days. And after the PA got total control of Bethlehem the Arab-Christians (mostly Catholics and Orthodox, with a few Evangelicals) were forced out. Their land was actually taken away at gunpoint, record were destroyed and they were told to leave or be shot. This is all a matter of history, but one that most don’t get to know. A former Times reported turned novelist, Matt Beynon Rees, has written a series of books on life in the Palestinian areas. They are raw and discouraging when you read them but that they are realistic is simply not up for discussion.

If Israel pulls out, then the IDF will of course have to increase their presence to protect the Israeli cities like Ariel. For their part the Palestinians said this week that those Israelis could actually become citizens of the new nation and stay. Not likely!

Faced with the reality that the civilized Western world, including their pals in the EU told them it was a nutty idea, Saeb Erekat rushed back to the microphones this week to say, “Hey, guys, we were just thinking out loud!! Don’t take us seriously. We’re Arabs, after all, and we just talk about such things, we aren’t going to act on it. Rhetoric is part of our culture.”

Well, he didn’t actually say that, but his comments, though much more polished, stated about the same bottom line.



Exactly. Abbas is up this tree, the hounds are baying down below and some ole boy like Jerry Clower is shining a spot light up at him. What now?

It is already done. The January-slated elections are cancelled.

No elections, no need to resign. No reason to run for re-election, if there are no elections.

Come on down, Mahmoud. Spend a couple of days out of the press’ view. Act like you never said anything. Pray the money tap gets opened wider, and go on just as before.


Give him time. Give him time. After all how can he come to Bibi’s table with that foot in his mouth. He sees that Obama is not going to force Bibi to do much against his will, so deal with it. Maybe Livni will join the coalition and Abbas will have an ally in the Israeli camp.

And so the talks will probably begin sometime after Christmas. Abbas will sit beside the empty chair reserved for Arafat’s memory at the Christmas program at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (an annual event), and the Israeli holiday of Hanukah will be over.

Peace on earth, well some of the earth, at least, and the talks can begin again. We’ll just forget about the loss of face (publicly at least) and life goes on.

Lest you think me too cynical, just go about your life and keep one eye on this column. We’ll alert you when the talks begin.


There may be one little hiccup. According to Israel News Network, “( A senior official of Fatah, the rulingfaction of the Palestinian Authority, has openly called for a return to an “armed struggle” against Israel to establish a new Arab state within Israel’s current borders. He stated that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)approved an “armed struggle” in a meeting this past August.

“Nabil Sha'ath, who was the PA’s first foreign minister when the late PLO chiefYasser Arafat was in power, told an Arabic-language newspaper, "We tried for 18 years through negotiations despite Israel’s aggressiveness against us and attempts to destroy our rights,” he asserted.

He called the current period “dangerous” and said it requires a populist and international effort to clamp a boycott on Israel similar to the embargo on South Africa when it was ruled by a white minority.”

That would be a real mistake on the part of the Palestinians. Arafat is dead. The guys who ran the Intifada are now older and much slower. When the first handful get killed by the IDF, right off the bat if new attacks begin, and the new trigger pullers get promoted and then they too get killed, that will sort of slow this armed struggle talk down.

It wouldn’t even bother tourism for most of the stalwart repeat tourists, since it would be occurring inside the West Bank. (We don’t even suggest our tours go to Bethlehem any more.)

I well remember that we hosted a tour here during March, 2002, on the week the worst of the Intifada II was underway. It was a great trip.

More saber (well AK-47) rattling by some who want to strut back in their home towns. Most Palestinians are beginning to like the current peace and would not be so quick to see the recent gains in their lifestyles revert to the bad old days.

Many remember that the standard of living for them was LITERALLY TEN TIMES BETTER before Arafat loosed his dogs of war. They don’t like the results. Peace is the answer not sending your kids out with bombs to kill themselves and murder Israelis.



In case you don’t think that the United Nations and events here could not carve up Israel we present you with the following maps reflecting modern history.


















As you can see borders are flexible. Especially Israel’s. One tenth of one percent of what the Arabs currently hold. But they want just one little change. All the Israelis gone!

Well, we’ve had our say for this week. Keep praying for Israel. One interesting blessing this week. I got into a taxi, and before he pulled away from the curb, he turned around and said, “Hello, Brother! I am (his name is omitted for his security). I am a Messianic Jew!”

Needless to say I was stunned. As far as I know he had never seen me before, but after we exchanged greetings, we had a wonderful conversation and a great Praise session!

I was going to a meeting with a friend who is another Messianic believer and when I told him of my encounter, he said, “I’ve ministered here for fifty-three years and I’ve never heard of such a thing!!” We too, had some joy. It was the top of my day.

Thanks to you, one and all, for your friendship, support and encouragement. We pray for you and never take you for granted. May the Lord richly bless you as you serve Him, regardless of whatever country you may be in.

Shabbat Shalom,

Ernie Moore

Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

Psalm 25:22 Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles.

Psalm 60:12 Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.

Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.


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